Music Library

Need music for a project? Lee can help!

  • All of the songs and tracks on the Music Store page are available for licensing for film, TV, advertising, or industrial projects. In addition, I can custom-write a song or track for your special project or occasion. For artists interested in recording one or more of my songs, licensing arrangements are available for using the instrumental tracks as your backing tracks.
  • With a few exceptions, all songs and tracks are 100% owned by me and any collaborator associated with the song, track, or its recording.
  • Please follow this procedure:
    1. Select song(s) and/or track/s that you might be interested in.
    2. Listen to short sample clips of the song(s) and/or tracks.
    3. If still interested, contact me at and I will send you an mp3 of the complete song. Lyric sheets will also be provided upon request.
    4. After reviewing the material, if still interested, contact me and we will discuss licensing terms.
    Lee Kweller
    tel./fax: 914-997-2969

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