What have I been up to? Read on below.

  • 10/30/14-A song called "Power Eyes" which I wrote with Marv Conan will appear on Cheryl Aster's new album. Cheryl is an exciting up-and coming pop singer. Release is scheduled for the early part of next year.
  • 12/31/13-A song I wrote with Terry Bell in Nashville called "If He Were My Dad" will appear in the movie, "Christmas Ride". Terry is the vocalist on the recording.
  • 8/10/13-One of my songs, "A Promise", co-written with Warren Boutros, has moved up to #8 on the NY Broadjam charts.
  • 7/20/13-I'm happy to announce that my song, "Someone For Everyone", co-written with and recorded by Eric Schweitzer, entered the Broadjam Dream Pop charts at #10.
  • 4/2/13-One of my pop songs, "Insatiable", co-written with Warren Boutros and recorded by Marie Christensen has reached #10 on the Broadjam pop-Europop charts.
  • 12/17/12-Mark Bender, a German country artist, has recorded a song I wrote with Terry Bell called "I Got a Cool Groove" on his latest album. His album is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2013.