What are people saying about Lee's songwriting skills. Read on below!

  • Lee's exceptional lyrics are diversified & hit core pertinent, timely issues!-author: Dorothea Joyce
    In a time of accelerated change, Lee's work is on target. His lyrics get to pertinent issues reflecting the heart of the times. His
    personal lyric hit core issues of the heart. He is seasoned, professional, and on it!
  • Great CD!-author: Warren Boutros
    I'm a great fan of Lee's writing, and this is a great collection that showcases the wide range of his work.
  • Catchy, positive, upbeat!-author: Marsha Stanton
    These songs are very catchy...so positive, so upbeat...so happy...they make me feel so good....
  • I loved each of the charming new songs and the stories they tell.-author: Ira Wodin
    I loved each of the charming new songs and the stories they tell. The melodies are fresh and delightful and could each become a
    new classic pop tune. A thoroughly enjoyable CD and a "find".
  • An extremely emotional collection of beautiful songs-author: Sarah Banner
    This CD is a collection of emotional songs that tell a story that anyone can relate to. They are heartfelt and personal. Each song has its
    own unique musical style that takes you on a journey. "Different" is my favorite!
  • Sensitive lyrics, memorable melodies, fabulous CD-author: df
    The songs on this CD show a remarkable range of subject and emotion. Sensitive lyrics and memorable melodies reveal a master
    craftsman at work. A fine collection of songs.
  • A polished piece -author: Andy Wacht
    A polished piece of work from an accomplished crafter of songs. Lee has put his soul into this and you can hear it. The versatility
    within the album is great - each song is truly its own tale.